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DeClue (Duclos)

The book, The Time of the French In the Heart of North America 1673-1818, by Charles J. Balesi is an excellent source to understand the presence of France in Canada and the Mississippi River Valley. Their connection to Native Americans, Spain, and to the "Americans". I highly recommend this book and Carl J. Ekberg's book Colonial Ste. Genevieve: An Adventure on the Mississippi Frontier

I have found variations in the spelling of DeClue. Some are Duclos, Ducloss, Duclo, and Ducloix.

Duclos, Decelle, Jean and Colett Lagnot of Norai, France

Duclos, Gabriel, Decelle s/o Jean Duclos and Colett Lagnot, married Barbe Poisson 19 November 1652 at Montreal
Date of Birth: 1623 in France, came to Quebec in 1645
Date of Birth: unknown, born in France, arrived in Canada, 1647, "filles du roi".
Date of Death:

Duclos Decelle, Gabriel Lambert, s/o Gabriel Duclos and Barbe Poisson, married Anne Messier de St. Michael at Boucherville in 1687
Date of Birth: February 1660
Date of Death:
Native of Montreal, d/o Michel Messier of Rouen, France. Michel arrived in Montreal at age 18, married Anne Lemoyne, age 14, native of Dieppe, France. Anne Lemoyne came to North America with her brother Charles in 1658.
Date of Birth:
Date of Death:

Duclos deCelle, Alexandre, s/o Gabriel Lambert Duclos and Anne Messier; married Elizabeth Philippe on 21 November 1735 at KasKaskia.
Date of Birth: 4 December 1704 at St. Nicolas, Quebec
Date of Death: 17 September 1775 in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri
D/o Michael Philippe and Marie Rouensa (Elizabeth was the grand daughter of Rouensa a chief of the Kaskaskia, a tribe of the Illinois/Illiniwek Nation. Marie's Native American name was Aramepinchone). see Time of the French in the Heart of North America: 1673-1818, Charles J. Balesi, Rev. Ed. 1996, Alliance Francaise, Chicago, p. 105.
Date of Birth:
Date of Death:

Children: Joseph Decelle Duclo, Antoine Decelle Duclos

DeClue, Eugene Zeno, married Jane Baker 18 December 1877
Date of Birth: 26 August 1855
Date of Death: 23 January 1930
Buried: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Washington County, Missouri
Born 1861 and died 1953. Burial place, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Washington County, Missouri 

Children: Herb, Oliver, Ira, Percy, Orville, Minnie Turnbull, and Grace May Smith

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